Richard Kingcott
Richard Kingcott

How did you get involved with Phantom and how long have you been working here?
This is my eight year here, I came here as an Assistant Stage Manager (ASM) and then 3 years into my role the previous Deputy Stage Manger (DSM) left and luckily enough I got selected to take over as the new DSM. When I first joined the show, it took me a couple of weeks on each plot to learn the show and probably about a whole year to learn absolutely everything.

Can you give us a brief description of your role?
I give out the technical cues to the rest of the technical departments during the show – sound, lighting, automation etc – I’m a bit like the Wizard of Oz really, making it all happen backstage and ensuring the show runs smoothly. All of the technical cues are written down in the prompt copy of the script. You have to think on your feet quite a lot in my role especially when things don’t go according to plan, we have a lot of plan B’s in place as a back-up but you sometimes have to make a decision quite quickly!

Can you describe your typical day?
Sometimes The Stage Management team can be in as early as 10am to help run Auditions, do rehearsals or prop maintenance and at other times we are just in for the performance itself. If this is the case, the Stage Management team and myself come in around 2 hours before the performance starts. I give out the daily cast covering sheet to the relevant departments that the dance captain has provided for us while the rest of the team are getting ready for the show onstage. I test the cue lights, give the half hour call to the cast and crew, open the house, count the show down, tick everyone in and make sure the show is ready to go! The Stage Manager fills out a show report at the end of each performance and we pass on information to him to include on the form.

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