The Phantom of the Opera opens in London

Original London production press quotes…

…"soaring ballads and sensational stage effects."

A team of supreme theatre craftsmen have seized avidly on its lush romantic agony to produce a musical as sumptuous and unashamedly stagey as a Victorian pantomime – a blessedly trad antidote to the current craze for shows chockablock with laser beams, video streams and fake holographs.

Michael Crawford is superb…

Sarah Brightman makes a remarkable West End debut…

…this is as spectacular a piece of true theatre as London has seen in years.

John Barber, Daily Telegraph, 11th October 1986

One Response to The Phantom of the Opera opens in London

  1. says:

    I wanna know who’s played the phantom&Christine (Sofia) during 7.2011-9.2011 in London Her Majesty Theatre please ?! and does the CD still on sale ??

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