Phantom – The Las Vegas Spectacular!

“It’s SPECTACULAR in every sense of the word….”

“ ‘Phantom’ has been remodeled as a thrill-ride tuner with pyrotechnics, layer upon layer of bombast and a chandelier that dwarfs every lighting fixture ever assembled for this warhorse.”

“A finely detailed and acoustically superb $40 million theater.”

“The real jewel is the theater itself.”


“A sure-fire smash”

“The sound of the slot machines is being drowned out by the music of the night”

“The show has the glamour and excess that this city loves.”

“It’s half as long and twice as spectacular”

“Even if you think you’ve seen The Phantom of the Opera before, believe me, you’ve never seen it like this”

“The original marvelous design of the late Maria Bjornson is still intact, although it looks more spacious and stunning than ever.”

“The full orchestra sounds richly impressive.”

“Will keep you deliciously on your toes”

“It’s an evening of great fun, stylishly done, which can hold its own with the very best of the shows on stage in Las Vegas”

“One more perfect pairing: The Phantom of the Opera and Las Vegas.”

“I wish that this version would become the one that tours from now on, but I doubt that will occur. Because what happens in the Paris Opera House, stays in the Paris Opera House.”

Toronto Star

“There’s no longer any reason to see this show anywhere else — unless they make them all like this. Which would be impossible”

“The orchestra is full, lush and Broadway-size.”

“These are all Broadway actors with no intention of compromising their craft just because they are in Vegas.”

Chicago Tribune

“An only-in-Vegas thrill ride.”

USA Today

“It’s SPECTACULAR in every sense of the word.”

“Magnificent! An absolute first rate theatrical masterpiece. I couldn’t rate it any higher even if I tried.”

“The emotional experience is extraordinary with enthusiastic applause starting less than five minutes into the show.”

Robin Leach, AOL

“Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Glittering Musical.”

Entertainment Tonight


Las Vegas Magazine

“World-class performers.”


“A seamless production.”

“Andrew Lloyd Webber’s beloved musical.”

“The special effects are spectacular; the sets brilliant; the costumes lavish.”

Five Stars (out of 5)

“It is gratifying that the show uses a live 19-piece orchestra.”

Las Vegas Sun

“A” Rating

“Every bit of it, from the costumes to the casting of minor characters, is gorgeous-looking and sounding.”

“A live orchestra in an old-fashioned pit is perfectly balanced with surround-sound effects.”

“The theater itself succeeds in its critical mission of pulling audiences out of the casino and into a rich, old-world atmosphere.”

Las Vegas Review Journal

“Has the power to move hearts of stone.”

“Andrew Lloyd Webber’s … masterpiece.”

“Nothing compares to that initial launching of the crystal Colossus.”

“Not for nothing is the show called ‘The Las Vegas Spectacular.’ This isn’t just a marketing ploy – it’s an aesthetic for those whose art is the business of producing hits.”

Los Angeles Times

“Instead of recreating the show, the producers have focused on creating an experience you could not have anywhere else – only in Vegas.”

“ ‘Phantom’ has managed to be an alternative to Cirque without imitating Cirque. And that is just what someone needed to do.”

“Bigger than ever. An over-the-top, 95-minute spectacle.”

“A hit? That’s about as sure a bet as you’ll find in Las Vegas.”

Arizona Republic

“If what you want is a little entertainment and amazement, Phantom — The Las Vegas Spectacular is definitely a winner.”

“Is it a sure bet for success?…I’d say go all in.”

“The much-lauded chandelier is amazing.”

“ ‘Phantom – The Las Vegas Spectacular’ is a grand, glam, goose-bumpy good time”

“A visual bonanza”

“Spectacle to spare”

Las Vegas Weekly

“So dazzling you can’t help but be swept away by both the spectacle and the love story”

“A dazzling, pyrotechnic-infused, intermission-free, 95-minute show”

“The show heaps on the spectacle”

“Audiences are swept away to a luscious feast of elaborate sets and costuming.”

Las Vegas CityLife

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