Phantom is set to thrill audiences…

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Phantom is set to thrill audiences … I’ve seen the famous falling chandelier and it is indeed huge. A great mass of baubles reclining like a sleeping rhino in a metal cage at the back of the Artscape stage … the moment critique when it "crashes"? down … will provide one of the most thrilling moments of this show. Or any show.

A glossy black floor has been laid above the existing stage. This is to allow dozens of lighted candles to rise simultaneously when the beautiful opera singer Christine Daae follows the Phantom into his secret underground lake. It’s a scene of breathtaking beauty as his boat glides over the waters with the mist rising.

Those not familiar with Phantom’s plot will find it a lot meatier than expected. Set in the sumptuous Paris Opera House, it tells the story of a mysterious masked figure who lurks beneath the catacombs and exercises a reign of terror from there. With a great cast, a great backstage team and a vastly improved opera house, Cape Town can look forward to April 2, when we become the 111th city in 13 countries to enjoy this haunting musical."

Fiona Chisholm, Cape Argus Tonight

"I saw the show in London … and enjoyed it so much that at interval I bought the double-album soundtrack. The show is indeed spectacular, with the Phantom at one point swinging in on a chandelier – above the audience. When opening night arrives, Masquerade, one of the show-stopping numbers from the show, should provide a breath-taking visual feast, for the array of costumes in that scene is an eyeful – and no one wears a more spectacular costume than the Phantom himself. Great stuff!"?

Derek Wilson, Cape Argus

" … rows of show-stopping clothing … an extraordinary visual feast … Phantom gets costumes to die for.

Each garment is richly detailed with brocades and lavish layers … so grand and sumptuous … each dress is spectacular … because this isn’t just any show. It’s the Phantom and it must be perfect."

Helen Bamford, Lifeetc, Weekend Argus

"A lavish stage production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic musical Phantom of the Opera – work on the film version of which, directed by Joel Schumacher, started last year in Britain – is headed for Cape Town. The show features the hit songs All I Ask of You and Music of the Night and is the third longest-running musical on Broadway."

Billy Suter, Cape Times

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  1. Vivien Cowley says:

    “will provide one of the most thrilling moments of this show. Or any show…… “

    Comment above from a review of the show concerning the falling chandelier – only we are deprived this thrilling moment from the latest production – WHAT A FARCE !!!! You are obtaining money under false pretences!!!!

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