TimeOut’s Behind-the-Scenes Video

With voting now open for the Olivier Awards’ BBC Radio 2 Audience Award, TimeOut London head behind the scenes at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London to find out what goes into making the show!

Cue your theatre guide Marcus Lovett to show you around…

2 Responses to TimeOut’s Behind-the-Scenes Video

  1. Leslie Mona-Mathus says:

    Bravo Mr. Lovett!!!

  2. Victoria Bamlett says:

    Great interview.
    I actually learnt some history of the theatre, and never knew you had 12 fittings for your costume!!!
    I think it is amazing how you explain some of the history and take us around some places of the theatre, also talking about certain props such as the organ, chandelier and the opera elephant. I also love how you let the cameras see you come out of your dressing room as Erik.
    Great Interview thank you for sharing with us Mr Lovett.

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