The Phantom of the Opera art competition in Russia

The Phantom of the Opera in Russia has held its first open cast meet and greet with fans. Aside from signing autographs and posing for photos, the actors opened an exhibition of fan pictures in the MDM foyer.

The company had held a competition for several months before the opening, encouraging fans to submit their works. The best 30 pieces were chosen to be displayed in the exhibit.

Along with the exhibition, the chosen pieces were combined into a brochure which was presented to Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber along with the CD of the first Russian cast when he visited Hamburg recently.

У ОЖОГИНА_ПОБЕДИТЕЛЬ_Орлова Ирина Михайловна, 16 лет, г. Владимир ПОБЕДИТЕЛЬ_Круглова Оксана Алексеевна 5 ДА_ПОБЕДИТЕЛЬ_Николаева Ирина Александровна_холст Беляева Ольга Think_of_Me Цивкунова Вера Андреевна МэгЖири-1 Колбенёва Алёна Геннадьевна

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