Phantom in Japan celebrates 25th Anniversary!

On Monday 29th April, ‘Phantom of the Opera’ celebrated its 25th Anniversary in Japan! ‘Phantom of the Opera’ has lead the musical scene since it premiered in Japan in 1988. It has been performed 6,078 times, in nine cities across the country, whilst receiving overwhelming support from millions of people to date.

The beautiful sounds, the outstanding costumes and experiencing the story of The Phantom, Christine and Raoul, is enough reason to watch the majestic performance.

Celebratory Curtain Call

The 25th Anniversary was celebrated with a special curtain call and a few words from Aoki Akira (Monsieur Firmin) and Masuda Morito (Monsieur Andre).

(from left) Manami Doi / Masayuki Sano / Ryota Suzuki / Masuda Morito / Akira Aoki

There was a special 25th Anniversary arrangement of ‘The Music of the Night’ from the cast. The audience was extremely supportive and cheered as the cast bowed down and expressed their gratitude.

We look forward to seeing you at the performance!

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