Phantom eligible for Olivier Award – Vote for us now!

We’re delighted to announce that the London production of The Phantom of the Opera is eligible to win the BBC Radio 2 Audience Award at this year’s Laurence Olivier Awards!

This is the only Olivier Award voted by the public, so please show your support and help Phantom make the shortlist! Like, share and click below to vote:


4 Responses to Phantom eligible for Olivier Award – Vote for us now!

  1. Jeanne says:

    I LOVE THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA It’s Great I loved Everything about it. me and my mother saw it and she Loved it to WOW!! :-)

  2. Aline Teissier says:

    “The Phantom of the Opera” is a clasic, have a lot of fans arround the world, ALW change my life with this musical… The actors who are part of this ( from 25 years ago, till now) are invaluable and exquisitely talented.
    I don’t know if someone going to read this, but I must say that thanks to The Phantom of the Opera I’m one of the best students in ‘Bellas Artes’ in Mexico, my country, this play and the actors just inspire me. I hope my vote could help.

  3. Valerbee says:

    Congratulations on running for 25 years! That fact should be worth more than the votes when giving out the Oliver Award.

    I have always loved this show! I took my 8 year old son to see it two years ago. He chose to see it again for his birthday last year. When shown the list for kids night on broadway, THIS is the show he choose. This musical speaks for itself. The story and the music touch your soul and never let you go. Nothing currently on broadway can compare……..Sorry Spiderman.

  4. Alison Peters says:

    HI, I would just like to say I am a big fan of the show and everything connected to the show. I am a big fan of all the stars of the show especially Sir Andrew Lyoyd Webber and Cameron Macintosh. I hope you are going to win, I wish I could be there to see it. The phantom is the best. Especially Christy involved with the phantom.
    Best regards.
    Alison. no 1 fan.

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