South Lyon East High School's Phantom Blog, part 3

South Lyon East High School - latest blogThis Spring, the students at Michigan’s South Lyon East High School will become one of the latest US high schools and colleges to stage their own production of The Phantom of the Opera. In blog one we heard from Set Designer Al Chapin, and in blog two, it was the turn of the students playing Phantom and Christine to give us their thoughts. In this latest installment, we hear from some of the students who will be providing the show’s key element – the music.

Blog 3 – The South Lyon East High School Phantom of the Opera Pit Orchestra Musicians

“The actors portray the scene; the instrumental music colors the scene.”

The South Lyon East High School pit orchestra has been working hard preparing for opening night. The score is quite challenging, and will be extremely good experience for these instrumentalists as they grow as musicians. We spoke with three of these talented young students and got their take on what it is like playing in the pit orchestra for Phantom of the Opera.

For senior Alyssa Hogan, an accomplished horn player, this will be her fourth pit orchestra experience in high school. “I love being the unseen heroes of the musical. Without the music, it’s just a play,” she said.

South Lyon East High School - Pit OrchestraJohn Steudle, the keyboard player, is a junior this year, and shared this information with us regarding his pit orchestra experience. “Playing keyboards for Phantom has been an amazing experience. The music has been a challenge, but rewarding at the same time. Being in the pit orchestra for the past three years has given me more confidence in my playing ability. I love being behind the scenes of the show, and producing wonderful music for the actors and actresses.”

Robby Buttery, a senior, shared this with us: “Pit orchestra has given me not only more experience in music, but more experience in performing the music and drawing the audience in with our expression, passion, artistry and commitment to making the actors sound their best. The actors portray the scene; the instrumental music colors the scene.”

Opening night is just around the corner! Stay tuned for more posts regarding our costumes, chandelier, and more fascinating information from the technical team, as we prepare our most ambitions and exciting musical to date.

PLEASE NOTE, the release of performance rights for The Phantom of the Opera is at this stage restricted to high schools and colleges across the USA and Canada only.

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