South Lyon East High School's Phantom Blog, part 2

South Lyon East High SchoolThis Spring, the students at Michigan’s South Lyon East High School will become one of the latest US high schools and colleges to stage their own production of The Phantom of the Opera. In their first blog, Set Designer Al Chapin gave us the low-down on how things were coming together, while in this second installment we hear from the students playing Phantom and Christine.

Blog 2 – Performing the Roles of Christine and the Phantom!

The roles of Christine Daae and the Phantom were double cast. Each pair will perform on alternating shows. We asked them to tell us how they feel about being cast in these demanding and exciting roles. All four are working extremely hard to bring these characters to life in their own unique way.

Katie Bethel – Christine Daae

I could not dream of a better role to play to finish my high school theatre career. After being cast as Christine Daae, My family decided to take a trip to New York City to see the Broadway production of Phantom of the Opera. Since seeing the production of Phantom, I have come to understand why multitudes have fallen in love with this show – not only is it beautiful aesthetically, with gorgeous costumes and famously breathtaking set pieces- but it is beautiful emotionally, too. It is difficult not to feel the pain, romance, and mystery encountered by its characters. Our production will no doubt live up to these high standards, thanks to the hard work of everyone- parents, production staff, musicians, techies, actors, and more- involved in South Lyon East High School theatre.

Anthony DiMaria – Phantom

Playing the role of the Phantom has been an unreal experience. It has been challenging since day one. There are so many different and contrasting sides to the character: anger, love, hatred, passion, despair, confidence, cunning, knowledgeable, and most important is mysterious. Being cast as the Phantom of the Opera is a dream come true and has assisted in developing my singing and acting exponentially.

Natalie Blain – Christine Daae

Being Christine has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. Having grown up around the music, my love of Phantom of the Opera has been with me forever, and to have the chance to be in the play and be a character that I feel so connected with is extraordinary! My understanding of the plot has been intensified, and it has taught me multiple things about the stage that I feel will stick with me forever. Becoming my dream role can’t accurately be described in words, other than I am so thankful for this opportunity.

South Lyon East High School - Natalie and WyattWyatt Clement – Phantom

If you had told me when I was younger that I would one day play the Phantom of the Opera, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. Ever since I was given the role, I have been completely immersed in preparation. It has been quite a lot of fun; however, there is a lot of work involved in playing a character in this type of production. The character is wonderful, the music is incredible, and the show is a spectacle. Overall, I have highly enjoyed portraying the Phantom, and look forward to opening night!

Check back for more to come from South Lyon East…

PLEASE NOTE, the release of performance rights for The Phantom of the Opera is at this stage restricted to high schools and colleges across the USA and Canada only.

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