Phantom to tour the UK from March 2012

Cameron Mackintosh’s spectacular new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom Of The Opera unveiled at the Theatre Royal Plymouth March 2012

John Owen-Jones and Earl Carpenter to share the role of ‘The Phantom’ and Katie Hall to play ‘Christine’ in new UK tour

Cameron Mackintosh is delighted to present a spectacular new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera premiering at the Theatre Royal Plymouth in March 2012, with previews from 27 February and a press night on 13 March 2012. The Phantom of the Opera will star John Owen-Jones and Earl Carpenter, who will share the role of ‘The Phantom’ and Katie Hall who will play the role of ‘Christine’. Full tour schedule with casting details and on sale dates attached. 

Cameron Mackintosh said “After 25 phenomenal years and a glorious celebration of the show’s success at the Royal Albert Hall at the start of this month, I’m delighted to  announce that a spectacular new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s legendary musical will open its National Tour next March in Plymouth. With an exciting new design and staging, retaining Maria Björnson’s amazing costumes, be the first to surrender to the music of the night and fall in love with the Phantom in his new guise all over again”

John Owen-Jones is currently playing the role of ‘The Phantom’ in The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre in the West End. He has appeared on Broadway and in the West End as ‘Jean Valjean’ in Les Misérables and also played the role in the recent 25th Anniversary tour of the show.  Earl Carpenter recently played the role of ‘Javert’ in the West End production of Les Misérables and also played the role in the 25th Anniversary tour of the show. He has also played ‘The Phantom’ in the West End production of The Phantom of the Opera as well as the starring role of ‘Darryl Van Horne’ in The Witches of Eastwick at the Prince of Wales Theatre, also in the West End. His touring credits include ‘Joe Gillis’ in Sunset Boulevard. Katie Hall was a boot camp contestant for the BBC1’s search for ‘Nancy’ in I’d Do Anything and was a final round contender for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s search for the Eurovision entry, Your Country Needs You, also for BBC1. After leaving the I’d Do Anything competition she was immediately cast to cover the role of ‘Christine’ in The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre and is now the alternate ‘Christine’ in the production. Katie has also played the role of ‘Cosette’ in Les Misérables at the Queen’s Theatre in the West End, on the 25th Anniversary tour and also at the O2.

This spectacular new production is directed by Laurence Connor, with choreography by Scott Ambler, Set Design by Paul Brown, Costume Design by Maria Björnson, Lighting Design by Paule Constable and Sound Design by Mick Potter. The production is overseen by Cameron Mackintosh and Matthew Bourne.

The Phantom of the Opera became the longest running show in Broadway history on 9 January 2006 when it celebrated its 7,486th performance, surpassing the previous record holder Cats.  This coincided with the Broadway and the US national touring company celebrating an unprecedented 20,000 performances in the United States. In October 2010 the London production celebrated its 10,000th performance.

The Phantom of the Opera has won over 60 major theatre awards, including seven Tonys on Broadway and three Olivier Awards in the West End.  It won the ‘Most Popular Musical Audience Award’, voted by the public, in the 2002 Laurence Olivier Awards.  The Phantom of the Opera, which opened at Her Majesty’s Theatre on 9 October 1986 starred Michael Crawford as ‘The Phantom’ and Sarah Brightman as ‘Christine.’ It is produced by Cameron Mackintosh by arrangement with The Really Useful Group.

Worldwide, The Phantom of the Opera has grossed over £3.2 billion. The box office revenues are higher than any film or stage play in history, including “Titanic”, “ET”, “Star Wars” and “Avatar”. It has been seen in 145 cities in 27 countries and played to over 130 million people.  The Phantom of the Opera is currently showing in London, New York, Budapest, Las Vegas, and Kyoto.


27 FEBRUARY – 31 MARCH 2012
John Owen-Jones as The Phantom
Box Office 01752 230440 |

4 APRIL – 19 MAY 2012
John Owen-Jones as The Phantom
Box Office 0844 847 2295 |

22 MAY – 30 JUNE 2012
John Owen-Jones as The Phantom
Box Office 0844 871 3012 |

4 JULY – 4 AUGUST 2012
John Owen-Jones as The Phantom
Box Office 0818 719 377 |

John Owen-Jones as The Phantom
Box Office 0844 848 2706 |

John Owen-Jones as The Phantom (19 – 29 September)
Earl Carpenter as The Phantom (1 – 20 October)
Box Office 0844 847 1660 |

Earl Carpenter as The Phantom
Box Office 0844 871 7652 |

4 DECEMBER 2012 – 12 JANUARY 2013
Earl Carpenter as The Phantom
Box Office 02920 63 64 64 |

Earl Carpenter as The Phantom
Box Office 02380 711 811 |


128 Responses to Phantom to tour the UK from March 2012

  1. michele cooke says:

    fingers crossed for a midlands theatre!!

    • Maggie says:

      Yes please bring Phantom to the Midlands :-) x

      • Grace says:

        It is going to the Birmingham Hippodrome

        • Katie says:

          How do you know? Where can we find information for Birmingham?

          I really hope so, I want to take my mom! :)

        • Helen Johnson says:

          when is it coming to Birmingham?

    • Rosina Simpkins says:

      Would love to see Phanton in the Midlands at Birmingham.

      • Beverley says:

        YES YES YES please – bring to the Midlands!

        • says:

          Phantom will be at Birmingham Hippodrome in March 2013

    • denise says:

      Please bring to Leicester or nottingham

  2. Diane Neve says:

    I really hope John Owen Jones comes to Norwich

    • denise says:

      Yes also Norwich.absolutely stunning show in London.

  3. Karis Dorgan says:

    OMG cant wait ! going to see it in Plymouth for my mums B day :D

  4. Alison Murphy says:

    Please please bring tour to Belfast!!!!!!
    Can u let me know Coz if not I will have to book Dublin soo

    • lilypod says:

      Yes Belfast please please please!!

    • shell says:

      yes please come to belfast!!!!! otherwise i will have to book dublin too!


      • Kate says:

        Please please come to Belfast as I’ve been waiting 25yrs to see this Magnificent Masterpiece!!!

    • alison lappin says:

      i no this is very late but its only in dublin. i had to travel from fermanagh, 3 hour bus journey

  5. Tina Collins says:

    Please please pleaseeeee bring it to Birmingham!!!! x x x

  6. Gerard Wallace says:

    I’m hoping for a Belfast show!

  7. Andrea Roberts says:

    Birmingham Hippodrome? Would be nice to be able to see it in the Midlands without having to travel for miles and miles?

  8. sandra mcclumpha says:

    Is it not possible for Phantom to come to a Glasgow theatre?

    • Derek says:

      Afraid it cant come to Glasgow – No theatre in Glasgow has a big enough stage for it :(

  9. Kate Alderton says:

    Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham please

  10. rapunzelu77 says:

    Will the tour be extended to the US?

  11. sarah briggs says:

    please bring it to aberdeen!!!

    • Alexandra Munro says:

      I totally agree with you.

    • Nydine says:

      I totally agree!!! Come to Aberdeen… it has been too long since the Phantom was last here. Almost 20 years!!!

  12. Emma McKeating says:

    I cannot wait!!!!!!The first time I ever saw Phantom was in the Birmingham Hippodrome in September 1998!!Scott Davies and Zoe Curlett were Phantom and Christine……pretty pretty please bring it to either Birmingham or Stoke On Trent

  13. Pat Haig says:

    MK – yay !!!

  14. Charles says:

    Earl Carpenter’s website confirms both a Liverpool (19th of Feb – 9th of March) and Birmingham (12th of March – 4th of May) run in 2013.


    • christine says:

      going to see phantom manchester cant wait to see it in liverpool

  15. Finola Mulcahy says:

    Dublin with John Owen Jones. Yes I will finally get to see John as the Phantom. Already so looking forward to it. 4th July seems so far away.

  16. JESSICA says:


  17. Tanya Tidmarsh says:

    Oh!!! Really want JOJ to play the phantom in Brum!! Pleeeeeease!!

  18. Ann Warren says:

    So do I Diane!!!

  19. Amy Fielding says:

    Oh please please please come to liverpool WE LOVE YOU PHANTOM :D xxx

  20. macfalconer says:

    Why JOJ? hes too over dramatic.

    • tineytots says:

      It’s a dramatic role…

  21. Ian Kearns says:

    Symphony Hall, Birmingham is an ideal location. Come on, let’s see some dates!

  22. Micaela and Sharron Humeny says:

    Please come to Vancouver, BC, Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Angela Iannilli says:

      I agree, about time Vancouver, BC got some good shows coming back

  23. Angie Bishop says:

    Phab – will book for Bristol – can’t wait. Hope they have the ‘falling’ chandelier scene as the RAH production (which was amazing) didn’t have that, it was my only disappointment.
    Will look forward to next June.

  24. Aimee says:

    Oh please come to Newcastle too!

  25. Veronica S. says:

    This only hightens my jealousy that I don’t live in the United Kingdom! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE John Owen-Jones, Earl Carpenter, and Katie Hall as the famous “Phantom” characters!!! If only they would consider making a small stop overseas in the United States…please :)

  26. Stephen Brown says:

    I hope the Theatre Royal Newcastle gets it this time round or even the Empire in Sunderland, especially with John Owen Jones !

  27. Christopher Wallace says:

    Would love to see the tour extend into Canada. This country has been deprived of a solid Phantom production since the collapse of Livent in Toronto, and I think the Opera Ghost should once again occupy the

  28. sarah smith says:

    please please please ”All i ask of you” is bring this fabulous show to the north east,Newcastle,Sunderland Anywhere.Seen the show six times and could watch it again anyday.

    • Daphne says:

      yes please, if it’s at all possible to put the production on in any of the north east theatres, Been to London 4 times but now promised to take my grandaughter to see the show.

  29. Gareth Evans says:

    Please bring the tour (and John Owen Jones) to Norwich – and then maybe a cheeky LND tour on its heels?!!? I adore Phantom and LND! Seen both numerous times!

  30. Kat says:

    Another request for Phantom to be shown at the Hippodrome in Birmingham! My first (and last) Phantom was in Plymouth 1998 and I have wanted to see it again ever since.

  31. Jacqui Archer says:

    Please please please John Owen Jones come to Hertfordshire!

  32. Darren McDonagh says:

    Will it coming to belfast or anywhere in northern Ireland please!

  33. Ellie says:

    You know what would be handy? TICKET PRICES.
    But eek! I’m so excited!!

  34. Liam says:

    Since these are theatres other than Her Majesty’s will this version of the show be something more like The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall was, with the TV screens for the scene changes and the chandelier that doesn’t fall? Or will it be just like the Her Majesty’s version?

    • PHAN says:

      Its gonna have different staging and lighting and scenes with the same costumes….

  35. Lindsey Shanahan says:

    Booking tickets this Thursday for Bristol. Will also go to Cardiff. Can’t WAIT !!! Also going to see the show in London in Februrary!!!! Anniversary show in RAH was OUTSTANDING!!!!

  36. Marie says:

    Phantom in Manchester in May !!

    I can’t wait, I’m booked already, yippeeeeeeee

    Will it come to Blackpool too – Opera House, maybe? Hope so I’d never be away, hee hee

    • Janette Bell says:

      hmmm I hear ya Marie ;) even I would make that trip back home to see it.

  37. Aimee says:

    Please please please please come to the north east!!!

  38. Dawn Smallwood says:

    Booked for Plymouth and Manchester….will book for Bristol soon. The most exciting news that it’s coming to my home city, Leeds!!!!!!

  39. Malcolm Douglas Porter says:

    Theatre Royal Lincoln Please!

  40. Trudi H says:

    When will the next lot of dates be announced ???

  41. Kathryn says:

    I hope the tour comes to the Midlands. I have heard rumours it will be in Birmingham. Please can someone confirm this.

  42. Rebecca says:

    Please come to Cambridge!!!

  43. Karen McAulay says:

    Lucky enough to see JOJ at Her Majesty’s last month and so happy he will be in Edinburgh, in September, he was amazing.

  44. JoJo says:

    I hope it comes to Nottingham that would be amazing…so close!!

  45. Janette Bell says:

    Blackpool has one of the largest stages in Theatres, Could it possible be staged there? If so I will definitely go even though I have moved 3 hours away from it..

  46. Jude Belben says:

    Saw JOJ at Her Majesty’s Theatre in June, he was amazing and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to see him again at Bristol next year. Roll on June 9th!

  47. Tami says:

    Please bring to singapore or indonesia… please please please… i really love phantom….

    • Philip says:

      I would really love to see this in Singapore!

  48. Helen Cookson says:

    Do you know wheather it is coming to Aylesbury

  49. Martin Phanatic tipping says:

    BIRMINGHAM Please !!!!

  50. Julie says:

    Please bring the Phantom to the North East. Newcastle or Sunderland – pleeeeezzeeee! x

    • Den says:

      My family, friends and I would truly support that comment, please please bring it on. Anywhere in the North East.

  51. ian says:

    I hope the show will come to norwich ?

  52. PHAN says:

    Whats wrong with the current staging and scenes. I think phantom was done to perfection
    I really hop that it doesnt get but’ll turn it butchered.Really i started crying just now cuz im really worried theyll make it so different or worse make it worse than the film……


  53. framohan' says:

    Belfast, Belfast
    Its a wonderful town
    We want to see the phantom
    so we wont feel down

  54. Phantom fan says:

    Has there been any decision made to bring the Phantom of the Opera to Belfast? It is terrible that people have to go to extra expense to travel to Dublin to see such shows. Can the Tour Organisers make a special effort to secure dates in Belfast please.

  55. jennifer says:

    Please come to Belfast!! saw the west end show in Feb, it was fantastic.

  56. Mike says:

    Will the phantom tour at Manchester have the crashing chandelier, the rising candles and the end boat scene. I was just wondering as they dont happen in the 25th anniversary show. Seen it in London and it would be a shame to take them elements out :)

  57. Rosina Simpkins says:

    Would love to see Phantom in Birmingham.

  58. Natalie says:

    I would like to add my name to all the others who are requesting Phantom to come to Birmingham. Phantom was my first “proper” musical and I would love to see it again – especially John Owen Jones playing the Phantom.

  59. Amy W says:

    Booked tickets to see it in Bristol, 200 miles from where I live. It’s the nearest place I can see JOJ as the Phantom! So so excited!!

  60. Daniel Fotheringham says:

    Just found out I will be seeing this. Break a Leg John.

  61. North East Phan says:

    When will the next set of dates be announced? Please come to the North East – either the Sunderland Empire or Newcastle Theatre Royal.

    I really don’t think it’s fair to North East phans if there are no dates here. The closest tour stops are hours away and it’s quite expensive to pay transport on top of ticket prices and probably a hotel room after. We missed out on the recent Les Mis tour too.

    The Sunderland Empire is huge – bigger than some West End theatres. It’s really grand and lavish too

  62. North East Phan says:

    When will the next set of dates be announced? Please come to the North East – either the Sunderland Empire or Newcastle Theatre Royal.

    I really don’t think it’s fair to North East phans if there are no dates here. The closest tour stops are hours away and it’s quite expensive to pay for a train on top of ticket prices and probably a hotel room after. We missed out on the recent Les Mis tour too.

    The Sunderland Empire is huge – bigger than a lot of West End theatres. Also, the interior is very grand and lavish, I think it would be perfect for Phantom.

    • Kenrichlan says:

      Yes – I agree totally – it MUST come to the North East! Sunderland Empire could easily accommodate a production of this size since its refurbishment in 2000 !!!

      • Linda says:

        Phantom has GOT to come to the North East. Sunderland empire would be a perfect venue!

  63. Phillipa says:

    OH I was so excited until I saw that it’s not coming to Nottingham! Hopefully get to see it somewhere else

  64. Cork Fan says:

    Please please please bring the tour to Cork, the Opera House is big enough to stage it and the theatre scene is very strong here. Please give the people in the south of Ireland a chance to see this fantastic production without the expense of travelling to Dublin.

  65. Emma Woodhouse says:

    can’t wait to see it in wales millennium centre for my birthday :) excited much :D

  66. Aimee says:

    I totally agree with you North East Phan, it’s not fair that we would have to travel to somewhere like Edinburgh to see the show and pay extra for travel and accomodation. Please come to a theatre in the North East!!

    • Alan W says:

      There are lots of Phantom fans in da North East. Please dont 4get about us. Watched Phantom 25 RAH again last nite. Amazing show… ;)

  67. Alexander Kirk says:

    COME TO BROMLEY! :P I know it’s like 30 mins from London but it’s a completely different production and so yeah. And by the way, where can I find the full casting details?

  68. Anthony Sankauskas says:

    Please bring the phantom of the opera to Nottingham

  69. James Butterick says:

    Leeds at last. Not before time!
    I cannot wait – will be booking on the first booking day and it will be a great birthday present for my daughter-in-law.

  70. George Shaw says:

    Can’t the Phantom come to Peterborough or Cambridge? dont mind it in Milton K. but wouldnt mind it closer!!

  71. Barry Cooper says:

    Someone has fallen asleep – the Dublin tickets are on sale now so perhaps the website could be updated before the tour actually starts?

  72. gemma peake says:

    Why no Midlands? How dissapointing for everyone in the Midlands !!

  73. David Graham says:

    Seriously not going to Glasgow? There must be somewhere it can be shown

    • Cliff says:

      Totally agree, David. Between the King’s Theatre, Theatre Royal, Clyde Auditorium or even the SECC itself – it’s huge.

  74. Carolyn Fysh says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come to NORWICH, NORWICH, NORWICH.. I live in King’s Lynn, and this is the only theatre in the area that ever puts on London shows that are on tour…. So please, please, please come to Norwich. Thank you very much.

  75. dearbhle says:

    I want to see them in edinburgh. Perfect leads from les miz. JOJ and katie would be my pick but i love earl

  76. Gordon says:

    Please bring it to Newcastle,or Blackpool Please Please Please i have waited years to see this and cannot get to London

  77. Doc Martin says:

    Err – second city! – Birmingham! Where are you Phantom??????

  78. Col says:

    Please- The Empire Theatre in Liverpool!


    Congratulations to all the cast and creative team, specially Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Mackintosh for bringing this new wonderful production to all UK! Please bring this show to America too, specially Mexico City! ;)

  80. Lauren says:

    Sunderland or Newcastle pleaseee :D really want to see this :)

  81. simone cavalcante says:

    hi, i love the phantom of the opera but i live in vienna. I have readed, that the phantom of the opera has exibition in Budapest but i have nothing founded about. could you inform, if is it possible to find it there? thanks.
    best regards.

  82. Lisa says:

    I’m from Sunderland and my Gran is a huge Phantom of the Opera fan, she’s always wanted to see it and would love it if it came to the north east so I could take her :)

  83. Michelle says:

    Bring it to the US pleassseee!!! I can’t afford to go to New York or Vegas :(

  84. Dan Smith says:

    Sunderland Empire Theatre is big enough

  85. Amanda says:

    So excited about this tour, love phantom, hope they tour love never dies next

  86. Barry Cooper says:

    Did anyone tell MK to expect PotO? Almost April and still no sign of tickets going on sale?

  87. Theresa says:

    been to see phantom today in Plymouth, what an amazing preformance given by the whole cast. John Owen Jones and Katie Hall have voices of angels, I had goose bumps listerning to the pair of them sing. Everything about this production was brillant and will stay with me for the rest of my life and I thank all the cast for a beautiful menmory. God bless them all and thank you so much xx ratings goes off the scale

  88. Helen says:

    Liverpool! please come to Liverpool, I saw it twice the last time it was here!

    • Werake says:

      I wanna know who was perfroming The Phantom dunirg 7.2011-9.2011in London Her Majesty Theatre please ~~?! I’ve been looking everywhere but I can’t find any information about him not even a name . Christine was performed by Sofia .

      • L Griffiths says:

        Could it have been Ramin Karimloo?

  89. christine says:

    Although am more than willing to travel to Dublin for the show, I would prefer there to be a Belfast show added.

  90. sheila says:

    Just came back from Manchester seeing this production …Fabulous But ..Please bring it to the North East..I would love to share this experience with the rest of my family…John Owen-Jones is amazing…

  91. denise says:

    come to cambridge or peterborough please !!! somewhere that is disabled friendly

  92. yvonne noble says:

    Please could u let me know dates of phantom of the opera in manchester 2013 thank u x x

  93. Jean Sloan says:

    Saw this production in the grand canal theatre/ Bord Gais theatre in Dublin and it was Magnificent, please please please bring Phantom to Belfast. Would definitely go again and again to see it and I highly recommend it to everyone. Go see this production for the experience of a lifetime x <3 x <3 x <3

  94. Dave D says:

    We saw the production @LeedsSaturday evening 25/8. I have no negative points at all, the show overall was absolutely fantastic .

    I will admit I had some reservations re production standards after reading some feedback about the chandelier. I won’t spoil the plot but trust me, no problems in that aspect.

    I now happily understand the order and story behind the melodies I’ve been humming for all of these years. Fully intend seeing it again at some point.

  95. Samantha says:

    NEWCASTLE please!!!!!

  96. R. Thompson says:

    ,Saw “Phantom” in Leeds after seeing it in London. Thought show in Leeds was excellent but it was spoiled to a very large degree by a total lack of programmes, which left me not knowing who was performing. This version was more light opera than a musical.

  97. samantha says:

    Please, oh please bring the phantom back to Toronto Canada!!! We miss it

  98. n mccree says:

    Please please do dates in north east of england, we are 3hours drive from all the venues already shown/showing. Had hoped to go to Edinburgh but not going to make it, would be wonderful to have a show closer to home.

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