Phantom live in cinemas for 25th anniversary

“The Phantom of the Opera” at the Royal Albert Hall - Live in Cinemas for the 25th Anniversary Celebration 

Spectacular event will be captured live and released on DVD, Blu-ray, Album and Download in November.

To mark its 25th Anniversary year, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Mackintosh present “The Phantom of the Opera” in a fully-staged, lavish production, set in the sumptuous Victorian splendour of the Royal Albert Hall with a cast and orchestra of over 200.  Now audiences around the world are invited to join the celebration on Sunday October 2nd when the event is beamed live via satellite to cinemas across the globe.

“The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall” will be screened live in around 250 cinemas nationwide across the UK at 7pm on October 2nd. The event will also subsequently be released on November 14th on DVD, Blu-ray™, CD and Download as a must-have anniversary release for fans everywhere. The staged version has never been available before to own on DVD or Blu-ray, and “The Phantom of the Opera” original cast recording album remains one of the biggest selling music titles of all time. A limited edition 4CD and DVD Collectors’ box set will also be issued to celebrate 25 years of “The Phantom of the Opera”.

The event will also be screened live on over 500 screens in North America on October 2nd with additional broadcasts in cinemas on October 5th and 6th, with a special encore on October 11th.  Canada will broadcast on Oct 3 with additional screening on Oct 22nd. Australia has a special premiere screening at the State Theatre in Sydney on October 8th, followed by screenings from October 13th – 23rd.  December 8th sees the home entertainment release on DVD in Australia / New Zealand.

Other International markets including Europe and Japan will hold event cinema screenings during October, with DVD and Blu-ray™ releases following in early 2012.

“The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall” will star Ramin Karimloo as ‘The Phantom’ and Sierra Boggess as ‘Christine’. They will be joined by Barry James as ‘Monsieur Firmin’, Gareth Snook as ‘Monsieur André’, Liz Robertson as ‘Madame Giry’ and Wynne Evans as ‘Piangi’, together with a cast and orchestra of over 200 and some special guest appearances.

“The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall” will be directed by Laurence Connor with Musical Staging and Choreography by Gillian Lynne, based on the original London Production Directed by Hal Prince with Musical Staging and Choreography by Gillian Lynne. The Royal Albert Hall will be transformed with a spectacular and unique design by Matt Kinley inspired by Maria Björnson’s original design. Lighting is by Patrick Woodroffe and Andrew Bridge and Sound by Mick Potter. The production is being produced by Cameron Mackintosh.

Ramin Karimloo‘s theatre credits include, leading roles in “Love Never Dies” (2011 Olivier Award Nominee and Winner of the 2011 What’s On Stage Award, both for ‘Best Actor in a Musical’), “The Phantom of the Opera” (Theatre Goers’ Choice Award Nomination) “Les Misérables”, “Miss Saigon”, “The Pirates of Penzance” and “Sunset Boulevard”. Ramin had the privilege of performing as ‘Enjolras’ in “Les Misérables – A Special Concert at Windsor Castle” to celebrate the centenary of the Entente Cordiale, in front of Her Majesty The Queen and also reprised the role for the 25th Anniversary celebration of “Les Misérables at The 02”. Recordings include: his own album “Within the Six Square Inch” and the première symphonic recording of “Love Never Dies”.  Ramin has signed with a major label and is currently recording his first solo album. 

Sierra Boggess is currently starring opposite Tyne Daly in the Broadway revival of Terrence McNally’s “Master Class”. Prior to that, she starred in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Love Never Dies” in the West End. For her performance as ‘Christine Daae,’ Sierra received a 2011 Olivier Award nomination for Best Actress in a Musical. Sierra’s other NY theatre credits include starring as the title character in the Broadway production of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” (Drama Desk and Drama League nominations and award for Favourite Breakthrough Performance) and in the City Centre Encores! production of “Music in the Air”. She starred as ‘Christine’ in “Phantom – The Las Vegas Spectacular” and has been seen in the national tours of “Les Misérables” and “West Side Story”. Recordings include the Symphonic Recording of “Love Never Dies” and the Original Cast Album for Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”.

“The Phantom of the Opera” became the longest running show in Broadway history on 9 January 2006 when it celebrated its 7,486th performance, surpassing the previous record holder “Cats”.  This coincided with the Broadway and the US national touring company celebrating an unprecedented 20,000 performances in the United States. In October 2010 the London production celebrated its 10,000th performance.

“The Phantom of the Opera” has won over 60 major theatre awards, including seven Tony Awards on Broadway and three Olivier Awards in the West End.  It won the ‘Most Popular Musical Audience Award’, voted by the public, in the 2002 Laurence Olivier Awards.  “The Phantom of the Opera”, which opened at Her Majesty’s Theatre on 9 October 1986 starred Michael Crawford as ‘The Phantom’ and Sarah Brightman as ‘Christine.’ It is produced by Cameron Mackintosh and The Really Useful Theatre Company Limited.
Worldwide, “The Phantom of the Opera” has grossed over $5.6 billion. The box office revenues are higher than any film or stage play in history, including “Avatar”, “Titanic”, “ET” and “Star Wars”.  It has been seen in 145 cities in 27 countries and played to over 130 million people.  “The Phantom of the Opera” is currently showing in London, New York, Budapest, Las Vegas, and Kyoto.

86 Responses to Phantom live in cinemas for 25th anniversary

  1. Dominic says:

    Thank you God and Webber!

    • becky says:

      what cinemas around the uk will it be screening in?!

      • carole says:


        • Helena O'neil says:

          It will be screening at Cineworld Cinema , Fountainpark, Dundee Street on Sunday 2nd October

        • Helena O'neil says:

          It will be screening at Cineworld Cinema , Fountainpark, Dundee Street, Edinburgh on Sunday 2nd October

      • Cecelia says:

        Picturehouse, is one and two other ones I think it was Odeon or something I can’t remember the exact name because I don’t live in the UK


        Some odeon cinemas are showing it. I live in Newcastle and the silverlink is showing it, you can book tickets now, i’ve booked 15 tickets! Just checked and theres still over 100 left. Go on odeon website and do a search or ring them.

      • Tamsin says:

        The Forum Cinema Hexham will be showing it as their first ever live broadcast.

    • Rhiannon J says:

      Webber is god!
      Totally made my night!!

      • Hauben Sonja says:

        And I will see this amazing show thanks to my beloved friend An, who gave this concert as a “birthday gift” to me … We will overcome especially from Belgium with 4 other women (An & Claudia already live in Greenock). I am so thankful for what she did for me and I can’t wait until Oct the 2nd !

        • Jarne says:

          ik kom ook vanuit belgie, ik heb de tickets gekregen als verjaardagscadeau………………..

    • michele says:

      where can i find details of which cinemas will be showing the performance? would love to take my mom who is a huge fan.

      • KK says:

        Is this going to be the actual show? Or is it going to be a concert. Like they did with Les Mis. Oh I hope it’s the show because I’ve been watching bootlegged videos on youtube for so long and I really want to see the real thing. Good quality. I am still very excited though:)

        • Andy says:

          This is not a concert version. It is fully staged version.

      • Maggie Richards says:

        Can you print a list of the cinemas showing the live concert please?

      • Jackie Green says:

        Can you please tell which cinema chains are showing the Phantom

    • Michele says:

      OMG! I can’t believe it. Please don’t wake me if I’m dreaming. This is the best gift from ALW & CM ever. Saw ALW at the close of LND, he was so sad & emotional. Was fortunate to be in the audience that was part of the “saddest night in my whole career & also one of the greatest.” Because of the audience. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord Lloyd-Webber for this. “All I Ask of You,” is that it plays in a cinema near me in Texas.

      • Eileen says:

        I was there too for the last performance of LDN,(was there opening night also). ALW has given so much to so many in this world. Thank you. Can’t wait to see the performance fromthe Royal Albert Hall. Hope the MASTER of all the Phantom’s, – Michael Crawford will be there.

    • Alex says:

      I wanna know wich countries will have the oportunity of enjoy phantom of the opera on cinemas??????
      because i’m not on England.

    • John B says:

      Saw it last night – fabulous. I see there are going to be additional cinemas creenings in USA etc -
      but are there any plans for it to be shown again at cinemas in UK – horribly it seems not so as I can’t find
      any informatoin that says it’s going to happen but are there any rumours of it being shown
      again at cinemas ni the UK? Please ! Come on!

  2. Francisco Díaz says:

    Bring it to a cinema in Mexico. There are lots of latin american phans who would’nt want to miss the event.

  3. Kate Hanneman says:

    Thank you so much…This is fantastic news. Thank you for remembering the American cousins! And if the DVD is released in November I know lots of people on my Christmas shopping list who are going to be getting a extra special gift. Thank you!!!!

  4. Ruth Corbit says:

    What phantastic news!!! Can’t wait.

  5. Emily Johnson says:

    Is there a website that lists where the performance will be broadcasted in the US?

  6. paulie says:

    Seconding Emily Johnson’s remark! We need to know in case we need ot make travel plans/time off work!

  7. Samuel Grecco says:

    OH GOD. I am in shock. It could include Sao Paulo (Brazil) in the Broadcast! :O

  8. Sunshine1970 says:

    Awesome. Simply awesome. Will Fathom Events be distributing this in the US?

    • Lnewmn04 says:

      YES….anyone looking for theater locations in the US if you go to and click on the Phantom of the Opera then scroll down to the bottom of the Phantom page you will see the showtimes and a link that lists all the theater locations by state. Hope this Helps!!! I know I will be watching the live performance here in FL!!!

  9. joyce cebular says:

    I’m so in hopes Michael and Sarah will be singing some or all of their signature songs, from POTO, that’s
    what’s on the orginal cast album. Please say they are?

  10. Rachel Buchanan says:

    Is there going to be a DVD release in the USA?

    Also, I’m “thirding” Emily Johnson’s comment suggestion/comment/question. Could you please list somewhere where it will be playing in the USA cinemas? Thank you! :D

    • Lindsay says:

      Yes, I also would like to know when DVD is being released in US. I’d like to pre-order it from this site but I don’t know if it will work in my DVD player. There is no way of contacting to find out what format the DVD is in. If anyone knows anything, please inform me!

  11. Holly Shue says:

    I hope it’s shown in a town near me in the US. I would love to be able to see it live!

  12. Maria says:

    Bless you for this!! The best Christmas gift ever!!

  13. Tracie Mullin says:

    How do we find out which cinemas will be doing the live broadcast on the night? Can you tell us?

  14. Rikke Overgaard Pedersen says:

    Oh, god bless you Andrew.
    Please let it come to a cinema in Copenhagen.

  15. Laura says:

    I absolutely want the dvd and the cd! I’m so excited!

  16. Peggy Lo says:

    How about Hong Kong? HK fans are desperate to see the show, esp such an incredible cast!!!!!!!

  17. Maribel Alvarado says:

    Yes!! please bring it to MEXICO!!!!

  18. SilverWolf176 says:

    Count me among the few others that have asked, when will we be getting info about what theaters will carry it in the US? Will it be through Fathom Events like Les Mis 25 was?

  19. Ugly Bug says:

    Can you clarify, when will the DVD be available in the US? Will it be released at the same time as the UK version (November 14th)?

  20. Stacy says:

    What are the actual uk dates? I am on hols until 4th oct, and I am devastated I can’t watch it on 2nd so hoping I do get 2c it in cinemas x

  21. LerouxPhan says:

    This is awesome! It is quite exciting that this will be broadcasted, as unfortunately London is a little far. I do hope that this performance will be shown nearby.

  22. Cassy says:

    You have no idea how happy this makes me. Finally being able to see Ramin in all his phantom glory…and up on the big screen too! Obviously it’s not as good as seeing him in person, but I’ll take what I can get and thank you Andrew!

  23. Jo Becker says:

    What about Melbourne, Australia??

  24. Christina says:

    I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! We’ve waited so long! I know I’ll be buying it at least twice!

    Yes, please to the request for a list of cities?

  25. Lacy says:

    I would like to know US theater locations as well, and when and where we can preorder the DVD!

  26. Isabel Pardo says:

    Please bring it to Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have many phans here!!!

  27. carol askew says:

    Hi can you please let me know what cinemas in the U.K it will be screened at ,and how do we go about ordering tickets in advance .Regards Carol

  28. Cremilde Goncalves says:

    And what about France? Will it be broadcast in cinemas in Paris? Please do not forget the Phantom’s home country!

  29. Vikki says:

    MEGA MEGA exciting!
    At least they have this one right!

  30. Arantxa Álvarez says:

    Phantastics news! Please, bring the musical to Barcelona’s cinemas (Spain)!! Please :S

  31. Hannah says:

    What about the Asian fans?? Please bring it to

  32. Stelios Christakis says:

    Are we gonna watch Phantom live in Greek cinemas in Athens Greece?

  33. Brianna says:

    Here’s hoping Australia get a Blu-Ray version! :)

  34. Sharon Brown says:

    I too need to know the broadcast in cinemas listings for the US, as well as if the collectors set and dvd/blu-ray release date is world wide if not when will the US release dates be. Also will the download release be worldwide as well, think I will need to download it to have until I can get my hands on that collectors set. I WILL be getting that collectors set!!

  35. Steve says:

    Will the Odeon cinemas in the UK be screening it ??

    • carole says:


  36. Sally says:

    At last. :-)

    It isn’t the form—or the cast I would have liked (a concert and the two leads from the sequel as the leads in this “permanent record”), but fans have been waiting a long time for a legal way to watch the show they love with singers who can sing the score well and the story and characters unaltered (I hope).

    • Thomas says:

      Ugh. It isn’t a concert. It clearly says fully staged production (Though it won’t be quite the same as the productions we all know). And the leads aren’t just from the sequel. They’ve both appeared in the production before this special event.

  37. David Fade says:

    Both VUE and Showcase cinemas will be screening the 2nd October live broadcast in the UK, just check their associated web sites for where and how to book tickets. Thanks ALW and RUG for making this one of the best Christmas’s for me in I don’t know how long! If the ‘Love Never Dies’ DVD/Blu-Ray gets a simultaneous release, that will be truly awesome! Finally, for POTO, how’s about including an isolated score of Andrew’s wonderful music coupled with David Cullen’s phantastic orchestrations for us phans as part of the DVD/Blu-Ray’s extras? If not the whole score, selected highlights? Huge thanks once again!

  38. Katie says:

    I am about to cry with joy.

    Thank you. THANK YOU.

  39. Alyse says:

    I second the calls for a US version of the DVD. As I’m sure you know, we can’t just order your version with different DVD regions and all. Don’t leave us out! Just think of all the $$ you could make!

  40. Liam Fitzgerald says:

    Can someone please tell me either that this is definitely the full stage show “The Phantom of the Opera” (with some changes to make it work with RAH) or that this is definitely not the full stage show and is a concert or a show *about* Phantom with some speeches and whatever. Please let me know what this actually is, I really hope it’s Phantom as I know it but can’t find an answer anywhere.

  41. Ryan says:

    This is exciting news, I only wish we were seeing Gary Mauer as the phantom!
    Hope a U.S. Bluray release comes fast too!

  42. Jack says:

    Here is a link to the Fathom Events website that tells you what theatres will be screening PHANTOM in the US on the various dates ………

  43. Angie Bishop says:

    I am so excited that I will be at the Royal Albert Hall on 2nd October and can’t wait to see the DVD. I also attended the last 2 performances of Love Never Dies which I found so emotional – I can’t believe that this wonderful show has closed. Ramin was amazing – I will always feel no more than half way real until I hear him sing once more!
    Angie – a huge Phanatic

  44. George Kefalogiannis says:

    anybody has any idea concerning the downloadable digital e copy what will be about ?
    also this feature will be on DVD or on Blu Ray disc ?

    • G.K. says:

      i hope (i wish..) for a copy of the Original London cast video with Michael Crawford & Sarah Brightman.. !!!!!!!

      • Thomas says:

        Hope all you want…you aren’t getting it. The digital download is just that, a digital version of the event. If I recall the press release correctly, it should be included on the Blu Ray. Is anyone else getting annoyed that regular DVDs are really starting to be shortchanged on additional content?

  45. Lindsey Arsenault says:

    What time is the show broadcasted live on tv and what channels?

    I have really wanted to see the show live on stage, but so far have not gotten the chance to! Hopefully, I will be able to watch this upcoming anniversary, but I don’t know what time it’s gonna be broadcasted or what channels.

    • Thomas says:

      It’s not. At least not immediately. Perhaps in the future it will be.
      1) It will be broadcast in cinemas and subsequently released on DVD
      2) It is fully staged, but NOT the stage production that can be seen on Broadway, the West End, or anywhere else it is produced. The best way to describe it would be similar to the revival of Chicago…not a concert but not a full production.

  46. UglyBug says:

    Still waiting to know the date of the US release of the Royal Albert Hall DVD. It’s frustrating for all your fans in America to be left in the dark, or worse, left believing they can buy this on November 14th if our release date is much later.

    • Thomas says:

      February 7, 2012, for the U.S. release.

  47. Kelly says:

    So exciting! This is my favorite show by far, and I’m excited to have the chance to see this concert since there’s no way I can go to London. For everybody who’s a fan of the Phantom, we are trying to bring Love Never Dies to Broadway. I still haven’t heard any definitive plans where this is concerned (has anybody else?), but at any rate, we don’t want to take any chances. Everybody who wants to see the show, please go to the following link and join our petition!!/pages/Love-Never-Dies-Petition/144761138925295


  48. Shannon says:

    How very exciting and delightful – I’ve seen “the Phantom” about 8 times – the best performance was LA Theater on Dec. 27, 1997 as it wasn’t a road show so all realistic props enhansed the presentation.
    I will be there for Oct. 2nd theater Anniversity show.

    • Thomas says:

      Yes, that would have been the National Tour. In fact it was the tour that had launched in Chicgao in 1991.

  49. Roberto W Ferreira says:

    I live in Brazil and I’m going to order the British version of this DVD. Blu ray players can read any discs, regardless of the region code. I love The Phantom of the Opera. I don’t understand why the producers are going to release it on DVD and BD in some parts of the world and leave others ‘in the dark’.

  50. jack kenefick says:

    Why didnt crawford sing tonight?

    • shawna says:

      I have been wondering the same thing— I was so excited when he came on stage and then really disappointed and angry that he didn’t sing. I have been trying to find some answers, but haven’t yet.

  51. Milena says:

    I watched the event with a friend yesterday. We watched it in the cinema in Brunswick Germany and it was simply the most beautiful thing ever!!!! I think the best moment though was when Michael Crawford came on stage and you could see his upper lips shake because he was so moved. ♥♥♥

  52. shawna says:

    I am wondering the same thing! I was SO disappointed & angry that he didn’t sing…how do you have THE Phantom there and not sing??

    • Thomas says:

      Maybe he didn’t want to sing. My understanding is that Michael Crawford doesn’t perform it he hasn’t been thoroughly rehearsed, and since he currently involved in another West End show, he wasn’t available for rehearsals.

  53. Eva says:

    I watched this at the Cinema last night, it was absolutely fantastic, I am looking to see where it is on next, I will watch this again.

  54. Mark says:

    Can someone please tell me when this will be released in the US?

  55. Marsha says:

    As the special Phantom of the Opera anniversary celebration evolved with Andrew Lloyd Weber introducing, one kept hoping Michael Crawford would appear. Then, when Andrew brought on principals from the original London company, it was breathtaking to hear and see the wonderful voices again ~ my, they were/are at the top of their game. But where was the master of Phantoms, Michael Crawford? Why wasn’t he making his entrance onto the Royal Albert Hall stage and bringing the house down, as he has done so many times before?

    Oddly, it didn’t happen. He waited back stage while the celebration continued without him. But, the omission left a huge chasm in the otherwise joyful proceedings. When he finally made his entrance it was muted, and the magical voice remained silent, while the sensitive face flushed with emotion, eyes tearfully brimming. It spoke volumes to the audience.

    During the finally, the current Phantom bowed graciously and sang briefly to him the line from Music of the Night, “you alone can make (the) song take flight,” and Michael gave him a warm smile and nod of appreciation. A small but significant recognition of what Michael Crawford has done for this musical and everyone who has seen it.

    The celebration was beautiful though flawed by this. We can speculate Michael felt he just couldn’t sing now, on this stage, without breaking down. It had been a difficult separation when he left the production. One would like to think it was his own difficult choice not to perform, however frustrating to himself and his many admirers. From this perspective, Michael Crawford will ALWAYS be THE Phantom.

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