Phantom is “Best Hot Date” and “Favourite Touring Show”!

The Phantom of the Opera has won the “Best Hot Date” and “Favourite Touring Show” awards over at Theatre People .com.

Thank you so much if you voted – you can watch our acceptance speeches here:

3 Responses to Phantom is “Best Hot Date” and “Favourite Touring Show”!

  1. Ai Miyagami says:

    I am a huge fan of this show, I have seen this show at Broadway three times and West end once and I am watching 25th anniversary DVD EVERYDAY at my house in Japan!!
    I really wanna know when ticket sales will start for the limited engagement!

  2. sandra mcclumpha says:

    Congratulations on winning the award you all deserved it. Phantom is my favourite musical of all time! Loved tthe Phantom on tour show, it was fantastic and the new sets and chandelier were stunning. ♥

  3. helen h says:

    Absolutly love the phantom of the opera and i agree a very hot date

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