Phantom in Japan

Check out the latest video footage from the Japanese Shiki Theatre production of The Phantom of the Opera. The show is currently playing at The Shiki Umi Theatre, Tokyo, Japan – for more information, click here to visit the official show website.

4 Responses to Phantom in Japan

  1. Dimpal says:

    Can’t wait now for Monday and for the DVD to avrrie, didn’t manage to catch it Live! hope the postman does not let me down, CD avrried today!Then Match 2011 and Love Never Dies DVD Live on Stage from Melbourne, never managed to catch it in London and was disappointed it did not run longer.

  2. david lowther says:

    Love Never Dies is fantastic…the Melbourne production is up there with the original phantom….cant get it out of my head….

    • JRoberts says:

      Considering the film only came out a short time ago (theatrically speaking), rhitgs to do the show are tied up pretty tightly. You’d have to contact the publisher to pay legal rhitgs for a copy of the musical script, libretto, and score. Especially if you’re planning on performing any of it for an audience. (You never want to get caught performing something without permission.)

  3. Zoe says:

    So wonderful that Phantom is an international musical!! People all over can enjoy the best musical ever!!!

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