Phantom 25 DVD trailer

EXCLUSIVE new video footage…

Cameron Mackintosh’s unique and spectacular staging of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall, the sell-out musical event of the year, is available to buy on DVD, Blu-Ray, CD and for download in the UK from Monday 14th November. Watch the new trailer below, featuring highlights from the show…

Click here for worldwide release dates, and visit our online store to place your order.

9 Responses to Phantom 25 DVD trailer

  1. Alistair Woodburne says:

    Waiting patiently for my DVD to arrive.

  2. linda Anstee says:

    So looking forward to this! Was lucky enough t be at the Royal Albert Hall. Now I’ll have a permenant record of a spectacular evening!

  3. Jacqui Archer says:

    cant wait till mine arrives!

  4. Jacqui Archer says:

    cant wait for mine to come!

  5. EliasK93 says:

    I’m super excited to compare different screen angels from the live broadcast to here. I already noticed a few :)

  6. John B Sheffield says:

    Can’t wait now for Monday and for the DVD to arrive, didn’t manage to catch it Live! hope the postman does not let me down, CD arrived today!

    Then Match 2011 and Love Never Dies DVD Live on Stage from Melbourne, never managed to catch it in London and was disappointed it did not run longer.

  7. Daniel Fotheringham says:

    Oh my God. I just can’t wait for it to go on sale tommorow. This my FAVOURITE musical in the history of musicals. I even did an essay on it. What I am just trying to say is I want that dvd badly that even when I see the trailer it makes me go beserk.

  8. Angie Bishop says:

    My CDs arrived on Friday – fabulous, brings tears to my eyes just remembering being there – but why’s Sarah Brightman singing Phantom of the Opera not on it? That was an amazing part of the show.
    My postman has let me down – DVDs not arrived yet. Can’t wait

  9. Lance says:

    Booked for two shows in Manchester next year. Can’t wait.

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