Phantom — The Las Vegas Spectacular announces final performance set for September 2, 2012

Millions of Fans Will Have Experienced One-of-a-Kind Production

LAS VEGAS – After more than six years and nearly 2,700 performances, Phantom—The Las Vegas Spectacular will end its historic run at the Venetian-Resort-Hotel-Casino on September 2, 2012.  This stunning theatrical spectacle will never be seen again once the final curtain closes in Las Vegas.  Tickets for all remaining performances are on sale now.

“All involved are very proud of the success that Phantom has achieved here in Las Vegas at The Venetian,” says Scott Zeiger, co-CEO of BASE Entertainment, the show’s co-producer. “Since opening night, critics and fans alike have recognized this production of Phantom is unlike any they have ever seen, or will ever see again. We’ve had a triumphant run by any measure.”

Featuring every beloved Andrew Lloyd Webber song from the original, this lavish production of Phantom-The Las Vegas Spectacular thrills audiences six nights a week at The Venetian, in a unique and magnificent custom built replica of the famed Paris Opera House. The production is directed by 21-time Tony Award winner Hal Prince, the show’s original director, and guided by Andrew Lloyd Webber. 

“The Las Vegas production of Phantom took all of the classic elements of the show and added unique aspects that created a whole new experience,” said Lloyd Webber. “It enjoyed remarkable success in Las Vegas, was enjoyed by millions of fans and proved that a timeless love story told in a fantastic theater will always be in vogue.”

“For six years Phantom – The Las Vegas Spectacular has provided guests and fans with an amazing experience in our exceptional theatre,” said John Caparella, president and COO of The Venetian, The Palazzo and Sands Expo.  “The Venetian has always been committed to bringing our visitors top-notch entertainment and Phantom certainly fit that bill.  We look forward to sharing our new entertainment offerings with everyone very soon.”

The Toronto Sun said, “Even if you think you’ve seen The Phantom of the Opera before, believe me, you’ve never seen it like this.” USA Today called it, “An only-in-Vegas thrill ride!” The Arizona Republic described Phantom as, “Bigger than ever. An over-the-top, 95-minute spectacle.”

Phantom at The Venetian is produced by The Really Useful Theatre Company Inc. and BASE Entertainment.

Phantom performs at The Venetian Resort – Hotel – Casino on Monday and Saturday at 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm; Tuesday – Friday at 7 p.m.; and is dark on Sunday. Tickets are available by calling the Venetian Box Office at 866-641-7469 or 702-414-9000, or online at For groups of 10 or more, please call (702) 785-5394.  For more information please visit

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 Phantom – The Las Vegas Spectacular by the Numbers

 When the cast takes their final bow on September 2, 2012 after the 7:00 p.m. performance, Phantom—The Las Vegas Spectacular will have: 

  • Enchanted audiences with more than 600,000 unbelievable special effects
  • The breathtaking, $5-million chandelier will have “crashed” the distance equal to six times the height of Mount Everest
  • Held 2691 performances
  • Been seen by millions of fans
  • “The Phantom” will have spent approximately 3,000 hours in the make-up chair to transform into the haunting character each night
  • The beautiful “Christine Daae” will have had more than 30,000 costume changes
  • More than 130,000 romantic kisses will have been shared on stage between Christine Daae, Raoul and “The Phantom”
  • 35,000 elaborate set changes will have been executed by the crew

35 Responses to Phantom — The Las Vegas Spectacular announces final performance set for September 2, 2012

  1. donna prigmore says:

    I am Crushed, sooo disappointed to hear this news! I tell everyone, every chance I get what an Amazing job you have done with the theater, the program, the performers, everyone who works behind the scenes……It is an awesome experience!!! We are headed to Vegas for our 50th wedding anniversary because I wanted to see your production again! Now I am really happy we are making this trip!!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    This is dreadful news. First, they close the US Tour back in 2010 now Vegas!? I feel physically sick knowing this.

    • Pat Owen says:

      I agree this is dreadful news. I have seen it eight times in Vegas and I’m not going again. You have London and now an upcoming UK tour. Why are you denying us here in the states another venue in Las Vegas?. I could not stand to hear that wonderful Anthony Crivello sing in the final lair, “It’s over now, the music of the night.” It would break my heart.

      • Pat Owen says:

        Ok, I’m sorry for going on like I did. Just in shock I guess. Of course, we’ll go again. Thank you for creating such a wonderful show. Still have hope it may return some day.

  3. Pat Owen says:

    Why must you close this show? It has been such a wonderful experience to see this show in Las Vegas. My husband and I are retired and go twice a year. We play the Broadway CD constantly in the car and we have the movie and the 25th Anniversary DVD. We love the Las Vegas version for many reasons, not the least of which is the wonderful theatre and the cast. But, we can have the theatre experience without going to New York. Not many retirees from the midwest can afford New York. We retired to a small community that doesn’t have much going on, so off to Vegas we go. This is a class show that I thought would be there for many more years. Oh, I know, the economy and all. Well, every show (8) that we saw, the house was full. I know many fans (see the Facebook page) are very upset. I would hope that you would consider offering a DVD of the show after it closes. But I suppose there are many reasons you won’t do that. I just needed to let you know that we really feel very sad.

  4. Sam says:

    So disappointed! Never got to see this production. Please tape it, as they taped the Roual Albert Hall production! I will probably never get out to Vegas to see this show.

    • michael plante says:

      Yes Please record it for dvd!!!!!! This was the best phantom production i seen!!

  5. Janis Sartin says:

    I am devastated at the news that Phantom is closing in Las Vegas! I have seen Phantom 84 times, 60 of which were in Las Vegas, and to think that after Sept. 2 it will be gone forever….tragic!! I fell in love with the original production back in 1992, and when the Vegas version was announced, I wondered if it could live up to the original. I was blown away when I saw it for the first time!! It is the original show, and SO MUCH MORE!! Spectacular! Having invested $40million in the theater itself, I cannot understand why you would choose to end it so soon! The audiences are still coming. The phans are still loving it. Why end it now? By closing the Vegas show, after having ended the tour, you are effectively cutting off the whole west coast from the magic that is Phantom! A four hour drive is do-able for me. A 3,000 mile plane trip is not. Please, please reconsider this decision. You are making a HUGE mistake!!

  6. MjF says:

    What an aful bit of news regarding the close of las Vegas Phantom. So much love and passion went in to create this special masterpiece and nearly involving every original creative team member on the project made it so much more intimate and personal. The fans invested in the show and so many new Phans were made because of this unique production and location. I loved going to Vegas because I knew I could catch the show here and that was always a thrill. Now we have nothing. I hope at the very least a version of the las Vegas show will be filmed and made available to all of the millions of Phantom supporters throughout the 25 years of keeping the show alive. A true movie of the actual stage production that changed the very fabric of musical theater as we know it. You can’t dismantle the Vegas show without a film being made. The Royal Albert Hall was nice as a celebration but it wasn’t the show!

  7. tina wood says:

    Having just seen this news on your website I am so glad that I am going for the first time to see it in April 012 for my 50th birthday, and have not missed it, I have seen the london one 42 times and also in Dublin and Manchester, it is such a shame that it is closing I am sure i would have gone again. What is the reason for this, we had love never dies which i saw 6 times and that closed (sad sad day) what is going on, has he lost heart what what what.


  8. John Newman says:

    Totally agree with those who ask for the show to be recorded and sold on DVD and Blu Ray. I’ll never get to see the Aussie version of LND but, like countless thousands, will buy the recording. Nor will I ever see the Las Vegas show but would buy the recording like a shot. The cost of recording the show against the potential sales makes this a sure-fire business decision and will reward millions of faithful fans. Cast recordings are the future – not at the expense of the stage shows but in addition to them.

    Carpe Deum, Andrew and Cameron.

  9. Anne Flores says:

    Please don’t close! This is the closest production of “The Phantom of the Opera” to me (I live in Salt Lake City). No show on the Las Vegas Strip beats this one! This was the first musical I ever saw in my life, but I began loving it even before I saw it! Everything is memorable in this show (especially that chandelier). It will be sad to see it go, but I hope to see it once more before it closes. Don’t leave, please. Please remain in Las Vegas!

  10. Desiree says:

    I am very, very crushed to hear that this show is closing down in LA. In my whole lifetime, and sad as it may seem, I have only seen the Phantom of the Opera once. I planned on seeing it in LA because I have heard so many great things about the show there. This musical, believe it or not, has changed my life completley and taking it away will ruin everything for many, many Phans. Look I’m 18 years old and about to embark with the U.S. Marine Corps knowing that I’ll be on my own and I’ll be able to finally see the performances in many different areas of the world, LA included. Why end the show now? That’s what I’m not understanding. I’ve heard that you stopped the tour in the U.S. back in 2010?! Why are we being denied the show? If Phantom of the Opera closes down to the U.S. I will be utterly heartbroken. Like I said, this show gave me inspiration and I’ve actually learned a lot from being a Phan and I understand many things in the world now because of it. It would be denying all Phans within the U.S. if you close down this venue, new Phans included. I hope and pray to God that you all reconsider closing this down. This is a real shame to have to see this go when many have yet to even experience it.

  11. Miles Renfield says:

    I am extremely devestated to hear this news.
    I, being only 13, have only seen Phantom once, and it was the Las Vegas one.
    I understand that Phantom is getting old, so people think that it may not attract a following anymore, but I know for sure that the younger generation is still so interested, and it would depriving them of the chance to witness a wonderful show if you take away the Las Vegas Spectacular.

    • Patricia Oringer says:

      It is wonderful to hear that a 13 year old appreciates POTO. I hope you are able to continue to enjoy this God given gift of music for many years to come. My six year old granddaughter is completely hooked since she was a baby! We start them early on the Phantom in New York! Best wishes to you!

  12. Angelique Enos says:

    This news really broke my heart when I read it. I know a decision has already been made and I’m just a mere junior in high school but please don’t close the show in Vegas. I saw this amazing production only once back in 2006 when Brent Barret and Sierra Boggess were still there. It always gave me so much hope before, knowing that this production was going to stay in Vegas for a long time because we can’t afford to go all the way to Vegas (coming from LA) and see this amazing production multiple times like other fortunate people. Being that Phantom was the first live musical I ever saw, the show, story, and music mean so much to me. If possible, please extend the date so I can get money together and see it at least one last time.Please Keep Phantom in Vegas just a little longer, that’s All I Ask of You :(

  13. Darcy Bentley says:

    So diappointed to here that this Show Is closing and I saw it In 2008 And i am just devasted about this news I Was so hoping to see this Play again when i Come back to Vegas And now i Wont be able to And it is Like Everything is disappering that people love and Taking away the memories that we all Love And What is So popular that YOu would want to replace it with I Just Get Makes me Very sad to think that Vegas Well no longer have this Show Anymore for People to enjoy and that people Can not Take there Kids to enjoy a Part of history and Listen to classic Music that Not many kids even know about are world and what things use to be like So Devasted

  14. Lu Nowak says:

    I must see this in Vegas. I have never been to NY nor Chicago to see it. Is it more spectacular to see in Vegas than NY or Chicago and can someone that has been to see it give me some advise as where would be a great spot in the theater to reserve a seat?

  15. A. Medina says:

    Have seen it twice, and am going back with front row seats to see it a third time in March.
    Will be sadly missed, but understand that due to the economy in Las Vegas they just are not making the kind on Money needed to keep it going.

  16. Patricia Oringer says:

    I am devastated to hear that the Las Vegas show will be over . I can only thank God I am visiting my daughter and granddaughter for my birthday in April and she insists I see it as she has. Myself, my daughters, sons and granddaughter represent three generations of “phanatics” and I consider every locations of phantom a piece of the beautiful story that is Phantom of the Opera. I have loved it since the 80′s and see it once to twice a year in NYC, last night we saw the 10,000th performance of the NYC version and Gillian Lynne was there hoping there was 10,000 more to come. The West Coast deserves the opportunity to have an accessible Phantom and if not the devoted fans must be provided with the show on DVD. Please, Mr. Webber, all your Phanatics, young and old are counting on you to never end the Music of the Night, it is your legacy!

  17. Monica says:

    I first saw this amazing show as my 15th birthday present last year! Please don’t close this! Every night at 7 or 9 this show truly does make the “music of the night!”, it’s as truly exciting as a real “masqurade!”, please don’t let this be “the point of no return!” with this magical musical!! “All I ask of you” is that you at least film this beautiful play for many to see on DVD! I truly love this show and I shall watch no other “Phantom of the Opera” but this one alone! Every actor, every musician, and the famous cast of Christine, Raoul and the Phantom! I hope to meet you all sometime and let you know how much I love each and every one of you! I’m going to see the show again for spring break. And I always wanted to throw a rose to the phantom, so hopefully I might get that dream.

    Your most humble and Obediant Phantom phan- girl

    • Mimzy says:

      You go girl~! I really hope that it is just maybe a hoax? You can’t end Phantom! Phantom is Phorever~! We haven’t passes the Point of No Return, we’re not at The Final Threshold! The Bridge is Crossed, but don’t Let it Burn, there’s still time to keep on the Passion-Play, please don’t end it! Keep on The Darkness Stirring and the Souls Soaring, for many will be devastated if you don’t! However, if you must, Think of it Fondly, then do what you must, but please, If You Ever Have a Moment, Spare for It A Thought.

  18. Mrs. Henry says:

    I am so upset to hear this. My whole family is going to Vegas in October exactly one month after the closing. We had our hearts set on seeing Phantom. What a disappointment:( Taping will never be the same as experiencing the real thing.

  19. Sean says:

    What sad news. Just saw it this March, which is when we found it was ending. So, our June trip to Vegas for the World Series of Poker will also include front row, center stage seats too, and I am happy to say that yesterday, I booked a weekend flight the weekend of September 2nd, and will be in attendance for the last show. What an evening it will be!

  20. Marit Rawley says:

    My dad took me to the show over the holiday weekend as he promised! Love it & as always the music & the story had me under its spell! Thank you Dad

    Am sad to see this show going away, but am glad to see it!

  21. Berrett says:

    This would be a rare occaison to do something great for the fans and offer a ‘live from Las Vegas’ video of this show. Why not, Phillis Diller did it with her last show! And there are several other comedians that have taped their shows and released them on DVD for fans! Why Not capture this incredible unique show for fans who have seen it as well as fans who have not!

  22. Deedee says:

    Sooo disapointed its closing…i saw it in vegas twice and it was excelente! Wish it was’nt closing…

  23. Tandi says:

    I am so disappointed its closing so soon. My husband and I just seen it for the first time in April of this year and we were both amazed and we both loved it very much. We were planning on seeing it again when we return in October. I was also getting ready to bring my mother to see your amazing show but now I’ve heard the awful news of it’s closing. My mother and I were excited but I am unable to get there before September 2nd. We were planning a trip for the 2 of us for late September but now no Phantom. I’m crushed because my mother and I don’t spend alot of time together and hear dream was to see this show. I really hate that I am unable to return to vegas with her before your show ends. She would have loved it just like I did. :(

  24. Blanca says:

    Please, don’t close! and if you have to.. come back with Love Never Dies.
    I agree with everyone, Phantom was the absolute best show in Vegas. I was fortunate I got to see it twice, but.. I would have loved to see it more than that. I am truly sad, it is going away. To all the crew many, many thanks for the most enjoyable show! –blanca.

  25. Louise says:

    Tonight is the last performance of Phantom of the Opera, and I am feeling a bit sad. I feel fortunate my husband and I got to see it three times. I too hope they will make a DVD of it. We have the movie version and the the DVD recorded at Albet Hall. But it is not the same as seeing it live.It was a big mistake to cancel one of the best show in Las Vegas

  26. Zoe says:

    No!!!! I wish it never left!!! They should have recorded the last show live!!!!!! I never got to see it!!! So sad!!!

  27. Cathy says:

    Thanks to all the cast members for their wonderful performances! I was fortunate enough to see the the show 30 times including the last performance. So sad to see it go!! I think the Venetian is making a great mistake. I have seen the Phantom in different locations and this is by far the best.

  28. Pamela says:

    When I heard the news earlier this year that Phantom at the Venetian was closing I was literally in tears. My husband and I would go to Las Vegas every October for our annual vacation mostly so we could see Phantom at the Venetian. I could see this show a thousand times and never get tired of it.

    Fortunately we were able to move our annual trip up and we went to Las Vegas during the last week of August so we could see the show one last time. When Anthony sang “It’s over now, the Music of the Night” I felt as though my heart would break in two. It may sound silly to some to be so attached to a show like this, but seeing Phantom at the Venetian was truly a remarkable experience. I feel so fortunate to have been able to see it as many times as we did.

    I will never understand why Base Entertainment decided to close the show. Ticket sales were good and show had no equal in Vegas. I have it on good authority that the Venetian wanted to keep the show running and the jerks at Base said no, it was time to end it. I’m not surprised either that Base did not tape the final show for the Phans to purchase on DVD/Blu-Ray. That would have been to kind of them and their behavior towards the Phans who kept buying tickets for this show year after year has been less than kind.

    To the cast who performed so well the many times we saw Phantom I say a heartfelt “thank you”. My husband and I will miss the show and your performances very much.

  29. keith says:

    Simply the best show in the world.
    To Sir Andrew, thank you for giving me the chance to see magical musical
    Thank you to all the wonderful cast and crew, good luck for the future.
    My wife and I were lucky enough to see the show in Vegas over 10 times, something we will treasure for the rest of our lives, traveling from England to see it was worth it.

  30. Stanley says:

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    Spectacular announces final performance set for
    September 2, 2012 | The Phantom of the Opera < Liked it!

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