BWW TV: Here’s to 10,000! THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Celebrates Special Show!

The longest-running show in Broadway history, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, offered its 10,000th performance on Saturday, February 11 at 2 PM as a special benefit for The Actors Fund. BroadwayWorld was on hand to celebrate this miraculous achievement and takes you inside the afternoon below!

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8 Responses to BWW TV: Here’s to 10,000! THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Celebrates Special Show!

  1. says:

    I wanna know who has played The phantom during 7.2011-9.2011 please ~~?!

    • Patrik says:

      John Owen-Jones

  2. says:

    I wanna know who was perfroming The Phantom during 7.2011-9.2011in London Her Majesty Theatre please ~~?! I’ve been looking everywhere but I can’t find any information about him not even a name . Christine was performed by Sofia .

  3. Cayce says:

    Please keep “The Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway forever. Everyone loves it and we want to see the music of the night live on forever.

    • Sarah says:

      Never been to the theater you’re spnieakg of but I’ve been to plenty of shows. I’d say business casual slacks and a blazer with a button down shirt. A suit and tie might feel like a bit much. I’m fairly young though, an older man would likely be fine in a suit. There will probably idiots there in jeans and sneakers but I say keep it classy and who really cares if you’re a little overdressed. Think of it like going to a nice restaurant but not a super formal black tie only restaurant.

  4. sandi says:

    I first saw this version, as a ohscol boy in the 1960 s and have it has always remained my favourite version. Some of the scenes, especially when she first hears the Phantom’s voice from behind the walls, speaking to her, are truly atmospheric. Despite the usual flaws, and most Hammer films do, it is a great version!Thank you,Patrick.

    • Ribut says:

      It’s not by susan k it’s by Gaston Leroux.I read the classic veroisn by Gaston Leroux in seventh grade and loved it, but there were some major differences. I didn’t like the character of the Persian and I can understand why they took him out from the musical. But otherwise it’s pretty much the same except the story is told from the point of view of Raul as opposed to Christine like the musical. Keep in mind it is written like a classic so if you don’t like that writing style (I only have mild issues with it) then I wouldn’t read it. All in all, The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux is fairly confusing but a good read all the same.

  5. Zoe says:

    It is so wonderful that Phantom is the longest running Broadway show!!!!! It is truly one of the best musicals ever written and is my favorite!!!!! It is so amazing that a show has survived for so long and is still doing so well!!! I love the musical!!!!!

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