Scandinavia's biggest Phantom fan..?

So far, audiences in excess of 575,000 have seen The Phantom of the Opera at Det Ny Teater in Copenhagen. But one ardent Phantom fan has perhaps seen the show more times than most…

On Saturday 4th April Josefine Sjöqvist, from Helsingborg in Sweden, celebrated a very special anniversary at Det Ny Teater as she sat down to watch Andrew Lloyd Webber’s legendary musical for the one hundredth time.

Josefine was invited to Det Ny Teater to mark her special anniversary and she brought along two of her best friends – also ardent Phantom fans. The 4th April performance was selected because Josefine wanted to experience one of her all-time favourites, Flemming Enevold, before he played his last performance as The Phantom on 8th April. And of course, the girls dressed for the occasion, with Josefine and her friend Janne “Anéa” Arnesen in the Christine costumes they have made a hobby of creating themselves, along with third friend Gunilla Edlund.

After the show Josefine – the guest of honour – was presented with flowers and a gift from the theatre, and she and her two friends were introduced to Flemming Enevold and other members of the cast backstage; as well as head of sound Thomas Fritsche and head of light Lars Benke, who each have more than 550 performances of Phantom under their belts.

Josefine’s first Phantom experience was in 1988 at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London, where she has subsequently seen the show over 50 times. Her recent landmark anniversary trip marked the 18th time she has seen the performance at Det Ny Teater, and in addition she has seen Phantom countless times in Stockholm, Hamburg, Tokyo, New York and San Francisco.

Flemming Enevold played his last performance as The Phantom on Wednesday April 8. From April 15 Preben Kristensen took over the title role as scheduled. He is alternating with Peter Jorde in the part for the rest of the playing period which ends on Sunday May 24, 2009.

Tickets for The Phantom of the Opera can be purchased at Det Ny Teater’s ticket office by calling 0045 33 25 50 75 or through the website

For more information on the Dey Ny Teater production, click here to visit the official website.

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