County College of Morris's Phantom Blog – part 3

New Jersey's County College of MorrisLast month, the County College of Morris in New Jersey became one of the first US colleges to stage their own production of The Phantom of the Opera. After blogging for us in the run-up to Opening Night, in their final blog members of the cast, crew and audience tell us how it all went!

Blog 3 – …And What a Masquerade

“The County College of Morris’s production of Phantom ran to completely sold out shows with standing ovations every night. There is no doubt that the timeless tale of Phantom and the stirring beauty of the musical’s score is a true favorite among theatre lovers. The challenges and intensity of producing the show were rewarded fully by seeing the joy in the faces of the audiences as they rose to their feet and generously rewarded the cast with applause that made for long curtain calls. What a worthwhile and magical endeavor.” Colleen McArdle, Producer & Choreographer

Thoughts from a cast member:

“It has been a few weeks since the end of our run of Phantom, and I find myself missing this special show. We were led by an amazing team: Marielaine Mammon, the director; Rick Edinger the musical director; Colleen McArdle, the producer and choreographer; and many more. The talented cast and hardworking crew did an amazing job. We all really came together as a team, well, actually, it was more like a family. I was so proud to be a part of it. It was exciting to have generated such interest from the college and outside community. The show’s music is technically difficult and we had a large cast. I was quite simply in awe of the fact that in 8 weeks, we put together such a tough show with such great success. The cast was so excited to go out there and perform knowing we were sold out! I will never forget having taken part in this production.” Susan Saunders

Thoughts from the audience:

“I saw Phantom with my mother and husband. For each of us, this was the first time we had attended a CCM production. The performance was exceptional, one of the best I have ever seen on a community stage, if not the best. There certainly is a lot of great talent at CCM as evidenced by the students who acted, sang and danced in this production and the teachers who served as director, producer and chorographer, along with the technical staff. I give CCM a lot of credit for taking on such a challenging musical. You captured all the wonder and complexity of Phantom and made me even prouder that I am now part of the CCM community. The performing arts at CCM surely has gained numerous new fans with this outstanding production.” Kathleen Brunet Eagan, Director of Communications and College Relations.

Image c. Life In Motion Photography.

PLEASE NOTE, the release of performance rights for The Phantom of the Opera is at this stage restricted to high schools and colleges across the USA and Canada only.

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